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Board Opportunities

We are looking for board members who can bring the following expertise to our organization:


  • Board Chair: Previous experience on a non-profit/charity BOD required in order to provide structure and guidance on chairing meetings, board governance, programming, fundraising, providing oversight of the Executive Director, succession planning, etc.
  • Fundraising: Provide guidance in a fundraising plan, be an ambassador by helping us connect to funders and support staff in implementing the fundraising plan
  • Marketing Communications/Public Relations: Provide advice, build tools and participate in activities relating to marketing, communications, or public relations, such as the development of marketing materials, graphic software, website administration, implementation of social media/communications strategies, etc.
  • Financialexperience in accounting and finance. Can analyze statements, assess financial viability, oversee budgets, contribute to financial planning
  • HR: Provide guidance, build tools and participate in tasks related to Employment Standards and HR best practices.
  • IT: Assist in using technology to becoming a more effective, efficient and well-run organization.


Meetings and Time Commitment: The Board of Directors meets, on average, every other month, or 6-8 times per year. Directors are asked to devote an average of 5-10 hours per month to GTC needs plus board meetings.


How to Apply: Together with your resume, please forward a letter of interest which includes your responses to the following questions:


  1. What interests you most about being on the Green Teams of Canada board?
  2. Which of the expertise areas listed above can you bring to our organization? Please briefly describe how you will use that expertise to help us grow and meet our objectives.
  3. If you have prior non-profit, charitable or governance experience, please briefly tell us more about it.
  4. Please briefly tell us why you are attracted to the vision and mission of Green Teams of Canada.


Please submit your application to . Thank you!

Other Opportunities

Communications Volunteer

  • Build our media and outreach contact database
  • Post green team activities on online calendars
  • Contact media with details about upcoming activities
  • Run a green team table at festivals and environmental events
  • Provide Communications Plan input
  • Post on our social media accounts

Fundraising Volunteer

  • Build our funder database
  • Provide Fundraising Plan input
  • Research new funding avenues

Education Volunteer

  • Create and do presentations at schools about the importance of taking care of our environment
  • Provide input on green team educational materials
  • Help run green team activities (unpack and pack green team activity supplies, supervise, sign participants in, educate about invasive species identification and removal techniques and native specie planting)

Photographer Volunteer

  • Take photos of volunteers in action
  • Take before and after photos at green team activities

We are flexible regarding time commitment for each opportunity

If you have the required skill set and can bring time and humour for a board position or other volunteer positions, please send your resume to